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A series of 5 small texts to introduce you to what I mean by Neurogenic Freedom and Neurogenic Wisdom. It is free and it will take you less than 2 minutes to read each email.

1. What are Neurogenic Movements?

2. What is Neurogenic Freedom?

3. The freedom to shake.

4. Freedom to dance and freedom to express.

5. How to experience Neurogenic Freedom.

Fernando Aguiar

Fernando Aguiar

Master in Clinical Psychology, Body Psychotherapist and T.R.E lv II

Fernando Aguiar is a Brazilian experienced Core Energetics and TRE Level 2 therapist with a Master degree in Clinical Psychology. He is passionate about supporting people in their life changing and transformation process; his gift is to help people deeply connect with their soul and life force.

  • Researcher who have presented in scientific conferences around the world and published in scientific journals.
  • Works with individuals and groups in body psychotherapy since 2007;
  • Facilitated workshops in Brazil, Israel, Australia, Nepal, Thailand and India in several topics.
  • More than 10 years experience with meditation and spiritual development.

Featured testimonials

I regularly refer clients to Fernando and highly recommend him for his depth of knowledge, clinical skills, sensitivity to individuals and his own personal integrity and honesty.

Richmond Heath

Australian TRE trainer


I was going through a very difficult part of my life. Fernando supported me all the time and helped me to understand how my feelings were also in my body. It helped me to open myself more and I really enjoyed all the exercises.

Gisela Gonzalez

from Argentina


The session was very powerful! Just with one session we were able to shift some things and it was a powerful release for me. To feel the shift and things open up has been amazing!

John Harvey

Australian Life Coach


I was struck by who Fernando is as a person, I felt very safe. I just mentioned a few different things and he took all that and guided me through the process. It was much more than I expected.

Jennifer Ludders

from USA


Through the work with my body we were able to work directly with some of the deeper causes of my issues. In the short time we had together he helped me to get into them in a way that I was not able before.

Julius Støback

from Norway

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1.Can anyone take this course?

Yes. It is simple and comprehensible for anyone. If you already know about neurogenic movements, then it's a plus.

2. How long it will take me to complete the course?

You will receive 5 small texts in your email within the next few days. You should need less than 2 minutes to read each text.

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